Who We Are

Founded in 2014, Krypton Venture Capital was created to disrupt the traditional venture capital industry. Due to the success of our portfolio companies and investment strategy, Krypton VC became the first seed fund in Israel with a positive ROI in less than three years.

In 2017, we created Krypton VC 4.0, expanding our investment scope to smart investments in Initial Revenue Tech & Internet Ventures

What We Do

Krypton VC 4.0 focuses on seed tech and internet ventures in initial revenue stage, across various verticals such as:

Our Investment Mechanism

The sole purpose of the fund is to launch the product to the outside world without wasting time and capital on unproven and costly due diligence processes. Krypton achieves this standard through an intimate working experience, marketing expertise, and a “hands on” approach – the game changing Krypton Investment Mechanism (KIM).

What We Are Looking For

What we look for in companies, categorized under these verticals, boils down to three main principles:

“Me Too” Market

Ready or Almost Ready Product

Strong, Fully Dedicated Team

Me Too Market

At Krypton VC 4.0, we love competition. Our competitors provide us with a proof of concept as well as invaluable information that will save your startup a lot of time and money. As such, a “Me Too” market allows us to get a sense of the environment, climate, and market potential.  The Go-To-Market Strategy is pivotal to our analysis in discovering a successful startup.

Strong, Fully Dedicated Team

The DNA of a startup is its team. We think it is of utmost importance that the team we are investing in is equally invested in their startup.

Ready or Almost Ready Product

Our model is centered around mass intelligence, and in order for us to effectively asses a startup’s potential, the product needs to be ready to be thrown into the world to begin gathering data.

Krypton’s aim is to bring added value to the table through its strategic marketing expertise. Our skillset saves valuable time and money by shortening learning curves and bringing business insights to the table through introduction of unexpected markets and verticals.

We see the startup world as a massive boxing match. You find yourself in the ring facing heavyweight champions. Many VCs want you to exchange swings for 12 rounds to see who the last standing is. Krypton will provide you with the iron gloves to throw a haymaker.

Our team focuses on high “hands on” involvement and access to our marketing, business, and finance expertise. We make sure that our portfolio companies have complete access to our facilities, knowledge base, and analysts. All of our team is highly trained in strategic marketing, allowing for a fast learning curve for the startup’s marketing team.

Our goal is to build strong executives that can lead their company to expand in a massive way. We review materials to make sure that work processes are efficient and we serve as a guiding force in quick decision making.

As part of our unique investment mechanism, we focus on Go-To-Market Strategy with KPIs driven, and we let the voice of the internet dictate the strengths and weaknesses of any given product – “No Wasted Time”!

This new approach gives Krypton the edge to revolutionize investments, while also providing the additional capital to ensure startups can maintain and finance a healthy and profitable business in the long run.